• 6 Best Pipedrive CRM Features According To Sales Pros

    Pipedrive CRM is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) built exclusively for salespeople. No one can give a guarantee about the result in sales but the right actions can help to get the deal done. Pipedrive CRM helps in this process of action. It schedules, tracks, and completes actions related to sales. It has multiple easy-to-use features to make sales a success. There are 6 best features of Pipedrive CRM according to the sales experts.


    Lead Management

    Starting from capturing the lead to closing the deal, Pipedrive CRM does it all. Any of your team members can check the status of a particular deal from anywhere. So, it becomes easier to take the next step for the team members. It is easily affordable and has an ROI of $8.71 per dollar invested. So, you can also hire some of the best Pipedrive consultant to get the complete advantage of it.


    Communication Tracking

    Will it not be good if you can track your whole team's sales-related conversation with just one tool? Pipedrive CRM can track all your phone calls, emails, and take care of your communication schedule. It also customized email templates that can save your time and increase your company's sales productivity.



    Pipedrive allows you to automate manual activities. For example, you can send emails automatically while maintaining the personal touch with the use of email templates. You can keep track of the sales communication, leads, and opportunities automatically without doing anything manually. You can save both your and your team's precious time on repetitive tasks with the help of Pipedrive CRM. If you are confused about the procedure, you can always look for the best Pipedrive consultant in your area to enjoy some of its exceptional features.


    Insights and Reports

    Modern businesses need insights and reports to make proper decisions. But there are businesses that maintain data either in paper or spreadsheet. Here comes the role of Pipedrive CRM. It generates quantitative and qualitative reports and insights that help in the early detection and solution of an issue.


    Mobile Application Integration

    Pipedrive's motto is to provide their customers a never-ending number of features to achieve their sales target. As a result, Pipedrive CRM allows you to connect your Pipedrive account with other sales-boosting cloud apps to fuel the sales of your business.


    Powerful API

    Pipedrive CRM has one of the strongest APIs that helps you to create apps for the Pipedrive marketplace. Its powerful REST API offers further customization of your Pipedrive account to make you experience an effortless sales journey.


    Pipedrive offers the complete package for your sales process which makes it the best sales CRM so far. It is also easily affordable and one of the easiest CRMs to use. Pipedrive's capacity to visualize the complete sales process attracts businesses to it. So, if you are a solo entrepreneur or have a small or mid-sized company, Pipedrive is undoubtedly the best option to go with.